Revenge is sweet

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i have to look for a job. i dont really have any references anymore. i havent worked in forever. bleehhhhh

i follow cool people on this tumblr account

do you know what is lame

feelings are lame and so is liking peopleĀ 

so my solution is a boycott

i will boycott the people i like

  • me in my head: i'm going to get my life together and read classic novels and drink green tea and eat really healthy and wear cute outfits and make interesting artwork and spend lots of time outside. i'm going to start biking everywhere and walking and listening to lots of new indie bands that i've always wanted to listen to and take bubble baths and my life is just going to be amazing.
  • me in reality: well. today i think i'm going to watch netflix in my pjs and eat ice cream. and if i'm feeling really productive i might shower.
whats up bitches

i feel like such a piece of shit

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aykarennn said: I love you very much!

love you too!

you checked out on us mom